Books that Shine

The public library is one of the most fabulous places in the world…conceptually and literally. Thousands of books, all lined up just sitting, ready, waiting for you to take them home. All for free (with some proof of local residency). It is a community institution with unparalleled possibilities, for young and old and all of us in between. Frequent visits to our local library and periodic dips into my school library make the growth of a personal collection kind-of unnecessary, but there are books that just stand out. Books that want to be read over and over and over, again. Books that want to nestle into your home so that they, too, can become part of the fabric of your life. Sometimes these books have been or end up being key memories in your childhood or your adulthood.  I call these books “gem books”. They are books that shine and beg to be shared. Here, I will share some of them. Perhaps they will become part of your life, too.


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