Hello! My name is Sara. I am delighted to join the world of the sewing blogs to share the things that I make. It is thanks to the many inspiring blogs, tutorials, pins and patterns that are out there that I dove into sewing in the first place. I am continually thankful for the open sharing that happens online. I look forward to posting my sewing endeavours with the hope that I, too, can pass on some of the inspiration that I have received.

As many of you likely are, I am a busy working Mom who tries to fit sewing in at night, during my children’s naps, and in small unexpected gaps of time. I have two lovely little girls who delight in new clothing and have, thus far, loved wearing the things that I make for them. In addition, I have a reliable workhorse of a sewing machine, a local fabric shop filled with many beautiful textiles and a super supportive husband. Thanks for visiting!


One thought on “About

  1. Loving your blog so far! I’m new to the blog thing it’s a big blogging world out there and although not so new to sewing I am not nearly as skilled as you in sewing patterns. I look forward to seeing more of your work and maybe one day I can come to you for help to make children’s clothes to add to my Broody Hen Designs. Love the name of bringing Isla and Zoe together. Your life’s work. Lisa

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