A Sweet Little (Butterfly Conservatory) Dress

This season, I took a little leap and signed up for Kid’s Clothes Week (KCW) for April 2015. I welcomed the gentle pressure and reams of inspiration that accompany the KCW tradition. The theme this season: Wild Things. What a rich theme filled with creative possibility.DSC_1125I have had far less time that I had hoped at my sewing machine this week, but I did create a “Sweet Little Dress” by Leila and Ben for my youngest daughter who turned 3 on Tuesday. Admittedly, my contribution is a bit of a stretch on the theme, but it would be a fabulous dress to wear to a butterfly conservatory and thus is a dress that would be very attractive to “wild things”.DSC_1079DSC_1086I love this pattern and have used it many times as a basis for costumes and for presents for friends. It sews up very quickly. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. For this dress, I modified the neckline with a slightly deeper scoop and lengthened the sleeves a bit. I remembered finding the sleeves a little short in the armpit and thought a little more length would help out with that. Although my daughter is a petite 3 year old, I made the size 3 and it fits perfectly. DSC_1070DSC_1157The fabric for this dress is from Alexander Henry’s “Everyday Eden” line. It’s called “Esprit” in red/orange. It’s a beautiful, slightly thicker, 100% cotton. Very easy to work with and I love how it holds its shape. The fabrics from this collection are very unique in their tones. I had bought this one to go along with another fabric from this line (used for this shift dress), but the fabrics never really seemed to go together the way that I wanted. DSC_1164Although it is a very simple dress, my “wild thing” loves it and we do look forward to a swarm of butterflies checking it out the next time we head to the conservatory.


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