Another Geranium Gem

Well, I will say it, again…I love the Geranium Dress by Made-by-Rae. It is a beautiful pattern. The pieces are flawless, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, the pattern is versatile and inviting of creative flair and embellishment. In short, I stick by all the gushy sentiments shared in an earlier post: “A Geranium in Slate”. This pattern is great.

IMG_1960For this dress, I sewed along with four other moms in a brightly-lit sewing space during a “Geranium Dress” workshop. It was a delight. There was expert support for any possible hiccups and we were invited and encouraged to try out the serger that sat nearby. What a treat! I’ve never been so proud of my inside seams. No pictures of those, but trust me, they are lovely.IMG_2025IMG_1951My older daughter, who was 5 (and 6 months) at the time, is the happy recipient of this dress and she has worn it well. I made the 6T to ensure a longer wear period and it fits with a little room for growth…perfect.IMG_1955The fabrics were just gorgeous to work with. They both cooperated at every turn (or “stitch” as it was). 100% cotton is a reliable “go-to” for beginner sewers. It’s soft and cozy to wear and provides nice structure for sewing.

  • Top: “toyland twinkle” by the DeLeon Design Group for The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection (2012)
  • Skirt: Designed by Jay-cyn for Birch Fabrics. It is from the 100% cotton Mod Basics line. (Unfortunately, I can’t find the actual name of the design…sorry.

DSC_9851Regarding the pictures: My model was way more interested in frolicking at the farm than posing for a photo, so most of the pictures are detail shots and a few that show the essence of the shoot…and her character.

“Yes, Mommy, Madam. I will cooperate for a photo.”


That’s it! Until next time…



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