A Rainbow for Halloween

There is some confusion as to whether my daughter wanted to be a rainbow, or whether I suggested it and she kindly agreed. I hope that it was the former, but I do remember the thought wiggling into my mind as something I could possibly tackle. Perhaps my excitement to start piecing, tracing, cutting, pressing and stitching led her to indulge my creative itch. Regardless, I had a lovely time making it and she whole-heartedly embraced the rainbow as her Halloween 2014 get-up. Thank goodness. Here she is, along with her sister (in all of her store-bought glory):

DSC_3873The fabrics were a true find for the theme of the project. My daughter spotted the rainbow fabric tucked in amongst a plethora of options. It was by far the most gorgeous, with its soft rainbow tones. I was logistically delighted, too, as I no longer needed to create the shape of a rainbow on the back of the cape, as was the original plan. We soon found the perfect cloud fabric, too, and the combo fell into place; clouds on the inside with a rainbow back. I was pattern-less for the cape, so I used one from our costume bin as a template and simply traced, cut and sewed the two pieces together. My lovely Mom was visiting and helped with this part. She sewed the cape’s edge while I began to tackle the rest. The collar took me a couple of tries, but it ended up nice and thick, which was necessary to balance the weight of the cape. For the finishing touch, my daughter selected a bright pink button from her colourful button stash which is frequently used for creating a wide variety of fantastic things, including masking tape necklaces and math investigations.

DSC_3854I pulled from a few of my favourite reliable patterns for the next two pieces. The shirt is a shortened version of the “Sweet Little Dress” pattern by Leila and Ben. It’s a simple peasant dress pattern that is easily modified to match your desired length. In this case, I sewed the size 6 and shortened it by about 4 inches. The skirt is the “Swingset Skirt” by Oliver + S. This one is a size 5. Both of these patterns flow beautifully. The instructions are clear and the patterns pieces are very easy to work with. Perfect for when you have only left yourself 5 days to make a 4 piece costume. (Gulp.)DSC_3858The raindrops and crown were the last parts. Thankfully, my husband offered to tackle the raindrops while I attempted to construct the crown and we pieced them together on the eve of the Halloween parade. You can’t really go too wrong with a cereal box, felt, lace, hot glue, embroidery thread and some sparkly trim. DSC_3844As I place the ensemble in our costume box (post-Halloween), it is tricky not to wonder whether it was quite worth the effort, especially when Halloween doesn’t have a rain date, but it was. …and she has placed the rainbow skirt within her everyday wardrobe for those days when a splash of colour is needed.


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