A Shift Dress in Alexander Henry

Ah…summertime. Hot, humid and lovely. The perfect weather for tanks, skirts and cute little dresses. Two such projects have hung “in progress” from my sewing rack since March. It’s so wonderful to finally see them spun around the garden.

The Shift Dress:

IMG_1975Many months ago, I got caught up on the Go To Patterns website. This site is a true find with lots of patterns and lots of inspiration. Right off, one of my favourites was this Shift Dress. So simple, so hip and comfy to boot. I love the cut and style of this dress with it’s thick tank shoulders, high gathered neck, and tear drop hole at the back. The piping is not in the pattern, but the colour matched beautifully and I wanted to try it out. It makes the sleeves a little stiffer than I’d like, but it still works.

IMG_1979My daughter is a smallish “5 and three quarters”, but I chose the size 6 hoping that she’d get lots of wear out of it. As a result, the bodice is a little generous, but the length lands mid-thigh which suits the style nicely. My daughter loves belts, so I made one to help synch in the waist. I prefer it without, but it’s nice to have the option.


DSC_9944The main dress fabric is “Everyday Eden Blue/Red” by Alexander Henry. It is, hands down, my favourite fabric that I have ever come across. I rarely go into a fabric store with a colour or pattern in mind. Rather, I roam around and wait for a fabric to call out to me. This one, in particular, may have yelled. It’s so vibrant. So alive. It gives me a deep down smile every time I look at it. I’m not completely happy with the match of the sash, but it is a lovely fabric, too. The sash is from the same collection: “Esprit (small flowers) in Red”. IMG_1993

And that’s it! Now, onto the second finished project…




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